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NYC Connections

Doug Greenwood


Doug Greenwood’s had not one, but two amazing careers. His first was a 20+-year stint on the police force (a result of his childhood dream), where he worked his way up to Police Captain. Most of his time was spent in the Bedford-Stuyvesant Highest Crime Division, so you know he saw some crazy shiz, but none of it compared to what he witnessed when the Twin Towers were struck on 9/11. Doug was heading up the Emergency Mobilization Unit of the ManhattanDoug Greenwood’s  South Task Force at that time—a unit specifically designed to handle major emergencies—so he and approximately 260 other men headed down to Ground Zero to rescue innocent victims. Of course, upon arrival, they were all faced with a scene much worse than anyone could have imagined, so, instead, Doug’s unit spent long hours recovering limp bodies and other evidence from the crime scene. After 40 consecutive days of exposure to synthetic dust and toxins, Doug’s lungs decided they’d had enough and he was forced to retire. Turning lemons into lemonade, Doug started career #2: Proud owner of Bleecker Street Pizza, the West Village locale where you can get the best slice (or pie) in town. And that’s not just our personal opinion. After being open for a mere six months, the New York Post started the never-ending buzz by running a three page feature, in which they called Bleecker Street Pizza “the upstart” and picked it for “best pizza in Manhattan.” Now that’s some serious cred. Since it’s what we do best (you can argue your favorite things about Scoutmob later), we caught up with Doug to get the skinny on what makes his thin-crust pizza so gosh darn delicious:


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